Help Purchasing Prepare for Kuali by Canceling Un-Routed Requisitions

In the next 18 months, IU will transition from EPIC (for requisitions, and purchase orders, and payments) to Kuali.  While the implementation is still more than a year away, the Kuali Financial System implementation team is beginning to discuss strategies to convert FIS and EPIC data. 


It is Purchasing’s goal to not convert requisitions that were created and never routed or routed but will never be approved; therefore, Purchasing encourages everyone to cancel these documents now. 


Here are the steps to help you find and cancel unrouted documents: 


From the EPIC portal:

  • Select “Search for Documents.”
  • Make sure the “Requisitions” tab is selected at the top of the screen.
  • Select your chart and enter your org and then select the “In Process” check box.
  • Select the “search” button.
  • Select the “Created” column to re-sort the requisitions in descending order by date.


Once you have determined that a requisition should be cancelled:

  • Select the requisition number on the left to open up the document.
  • Select the “edit” button. 
  • Select the “cancel” button and then you will be required to select the “confirm” button to complete the cancel process.  Note:  the initial screen of the requisition may need to be completed before the “cancel” button can be selected. 

A future article will address the unapproved requisitions. 


Source:  Marilyn Kisters, Director of Procurement Systems

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