EPIC Portal Now Displays Unprinted POs

There are very few POs that are printed and mailed or hand delivered to a vendor.  The majority of the orders are either transmitted to the vendor electronically or automatically faxed.  If the PO does need to be printed and the PO is processed by purchasing, a member of the purchasing staff will print the PO and make sure that the vendor receives it.  If the PO is an Automatic Purchase Order (APO) it is the initiator of a requisition who is expected to print the PO. 


Each time a PO is ready to be printed an FYI appears in the appropriate person’s actionlist.  However, if the FYI is inadvertently cleared there is a good possibility that the PO will sit in the “pending print” status.  This can be very frustrating for those who are expecting a delivery only to find out that the vendor has never received the PO.  Because this can and has happened, the EPIC portal is now listing POs that are ready for printing. 


The image below illustrates the new EPIC portal feature that reminds initiators when a PO is ready to be printed. 




In the near future this “Unprinted Purchase Orders” list will also appear on the “Administrative Systems” portal where “EPIC – Departmental Tasks” display.


Source:  Marilyn Kisters, Director of Procurement Systems

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