How to Change an Order After the Requisition has been Submitted

If a purchase order that has already been submitted to a vendor is incorrect it is extremely important that your campus purchasing department be contacted before contacting the vendor.  This is particularly important when the requisition was created from the “shop catalogs” link.  Many times those in the department who submitted the requisition will call the company directly to fix the error.  There are many problems with calling the company directly one of which is that the EPIC order will not reflect this change and if the order was created from shopping it may not be possible to amend the PO to add new items.  Instead, the initiator should do one of two things:


  1. Work with purchasing to see if the order can be voided with the vendor.  If this can be done then a new requisition should be submitted with the full list of items that are needed.  If the order cannot be voided because the vendor has already shipped the products then purchasing will assist with the RMA process (return material authorization).    
  2. Work with purchasing to see if the new item can be added to the PO.  Purchasing will contact the vendor to add the new line item and amend the PO.  This step may not be possible if the requisition was created from shopping, the easiest solution for this situation is to shop for the additional product and submit a new order. 

Contact Purchasing at for questions about canceling or changing an order. 


Source:  Christy Carrell

November 2009 Newsletter

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