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Dear Reader:

You may have noticed several improvements to the quality of communications coming from the Office of Procurement Services over the past year, many of which are thanks to the creative efforts of our Sr. Communications Specialist, Ethan Ax.  I'm sad to announce that Ethan will be leaving us soon to pursue another opportunity, but we wish him luck in his new endeavors! 

While we do not expect the quality of communication you receive from Purchasing to decline, you may notice changes to the frequency of the newsletter or modifications to the blog. 

Our primary goal will be as it has always been: to provide information about the procurement process that is both easy to understand and available when you need it most. 


Lorelei Meeker
Associate Vice President
Indiana University Office of Procurement Services
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November 2009
Volume 5, Issue 9

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Help Purchasing Prepare for Kuali by Canceling Un-Routed Requisitions

In the next 18 months, IU will transition from EPIC (for requisitions, and purchase orders, and payments) to Kuali.  While the implementation is still more than a year away, the Kuali Financial System implementation team is beginning to discuss strategies to convert FIS and EPIC data. 

It is Purchasing’s goal to not convert requisitions that were created and never routed or routed but will never be approved; therefore, Purchasing encourages everyone to cancel these documents now. 

Learn how to find and cancel unrouted documents »


University Learns Tough Lesson about Sensitive Data

The University of Missouri Athletics Department recently found out the hard way what happens when departments get rid of old cellular devices without clearing them of sensitive data.  The University sold 25 cell phones at a surplus sale that contained text messages and emails from coaches and staff. 

This incident, while unfortunate, reminds us that any device containing data must be wiped clean before being relinquished to another IU department or to IU Surplus.  In the case of cell phones and PDAs, the memory card should be removed completely.  This is also important to do on personal devices, which in many cases contain University email, etc.   Text messages and contact lists are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the type of data stored on mobile devices.  Removing memory cards and wiping hard drives helps protect both the University and the individual. 

Please note that IU cell phones for faculty and staff are only allowable in rare special circumstances. 

Related websites:

Indiana University Cell Phone Policy »

Indiana University Policy on Sale of Computer Equipment »

Learn How to Securely Remove Data »


How to Change an Order After the Requisition has been Submitted

If a purchase order that has already been submitted to a vendor is incorrect it is extremely important that your campus purchasing department be contacted before contacting the vendor.  This is particularly important when the requisition was created from the “shop catalogs” link.  Many times, those in the department who submitted the requisition will call the company directly to fix the error.  There are many problems with calling the company directly, one of which is that the EPIC order will not reflect this change and if the order was created from shopping it may not be possible to amend the PO to add new items. 

Instead, the initiator shold follow these directions to amend the order »


Know the Personal Gift Policy

It is not uncommon for vendors to offer staff and faculty gifts during the holiday season.  While Purchasing appreciates our suppliers' seasonal best wishes, we ask that IU personnel refrain from accepting gifts and gratuities.  For questions, see Gratuities Policy 3.4 or contact Purchasing at



EPIC Portal Now Displays Unprinted POs

There are very few POs that are printed and mailed or hand delivered to a vendor.  The majority of the orders are either transmitted to the vendor electronically or automatically faxed.  If the PO does need to be printed and the PO is processed by purchasing, a member of the purchasing staff will print the PO and make sure that the vendor receives it.  If the PO is an Automatic Purchase Order (APO) it is the initiator of a requisition who is expected to print the PO. 

Each time a PO is ready to be printed an FYI appears in the appropriate person’s actionlist.  However, if the FYI is inadvertently cleared there is a good possibility that the PO will sit in the “pending print” status.  This can be very frustrating for those who are expecting a delivery only to find out that the vendor has never received the PO.  Because this can and has happened, the EPIC portal is now listing POs that are ready for printing. 

See what the new EPIC portal looks like when a PO is ready to be printed »


EPIC Shop Contracts Page to Get Upgrade, Users May Experience Outages Nov. 6 - Nov. 8

On Friday, November 6, at 10 p.m. through Sunday, November 8, at noon, the Shop Contracts page in EPIC will be unavailable while the site provider, SciQuest, upgrades to version 9.3.  For those staff and faculty who place orders during weekend hours, please plan accordingly. 

Read about the new features available in SciQuest (Shop Contracts) version 9.3 »


EPIC Training Opportunities


NEW Advanced Class - Two seats left!

EPIC – Beyond the Basics

Date:  Wednesday, November 18

Time:  8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Location:  Poplars 183

Register Now »

EPIC - Beyond the Basics, will address the following questions and more.

  • What do I do with conference/hospitality contracts and payments?
  • How do I handle advertising insertion orders or contracts?
  • The company I am ordering from requires a deposit, how do I handle these?
  • What do I do when a vendor is not in the vendor list?


EPIC Training
Date: Thursday, November 12
Time: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location: UN 544 (Union Building) North side of building
Register Now »


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