EPIC Users who Upgraded to IE8 may Experience Compatibility Issue

EPIC users who recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 are reporting problems when they try to transfer a shopping cart from Shop Contracts into EPIC.  The problem appears to be a compatibility issue between the Shop Contracts software (SciQuest) and Internet Explorer 8.  Those who recently upgraded to IE8 receive a “cross-site scripting” error.   

Following the directions contained in the links below should solve the problem.  Alternatively, users can skip these directions and use Firefox instead. 

1.  These directions will fix the cross-site scripting problem with IE8:

2. These directions will fix the problem of EPIC not displaying:

The Purchasing Department is working closely with the external vendor who manages the Shop Contracts page (Sci-Quest) to find a more permanent solution.  Follow our blog for updates on this issue. 

Source:  Brian Becker

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