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Dear Reader:

The Office of Procurement Services assists departments large and small with thousands of purchases every year.  The way we see it, everyone deserves an opportunity to receive quality goods and services at a competetive price. 

Likewise, Procurement Services is committed to helping underrepresented minority and women-owned businesses play a competetive role as Indiana University suppliers.  To help us meet our women and minority spend goals, visit our Contracts page and shop with suppliers labeled with an MBE or WBE designation.  Together, we can set the standard for good corporate and community citizenship in Indiana.


Lorelei Meeker
Associate Vice President
Indiana University Office of Procurement Services
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October 2009
Volume 5, Issue 8

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Go Green:  Combine Orders for Reduced Shipping

Saving money and protecting the environment go hand in hand when you combine orders to reduce shipping costs.  Instead of submitting several orders to the same vendor throughout the week, make a list of everything you need to order and submit one large requisition.  By only doing one requisition, you’ll reduce the number of shipments, lowering both carbon emissions and shipping and handling costs. 

How to get even better results »


Download Adobe Updates Directly from IUWare

When Adobe releases a software upgrade for programs on your computer you may receive an email directly from Adobe with a link to the Adobe website where you can download the update.  However, IU staff and faculty should ignore this email and download Adobe updates at instead. 

The Adobe website requires a serial number that staff and faculty do not have.  For questions, contact your local support provider.    


New Contracts Available for Temporary Employment Services and IT Consulting

In the past month, Purchasing negotiated contracts with several new Temporary Employment and IT Staff Augmentation and Consulting Services vendors.  To view a list of vendors with pricing and contact information, visit the Contracts page on the Purchasing Website and click on Professional Services

Tip:  Because IU has a contract with these vendors, staff and faculty at IU Bloomington, IU East, IU Northwest, IU South Bend, and IU Southeast can raise their Automatic Purchase Order (APO) limit to $25,000 by clicking on the “Available Contracts” button in the Vendor tab within EPIC.  See how »

These contracts are also available to IUPUI and IU Kokomo, but the APO limit does not change. 




EPIC Users who Upgraded to IE8 may Experience Compatibility Issue

EPIC users who recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 are reporting problems when they try to transfer a shopping cart from Shop Contracts into EPIC.  The problem appears to be a compatibility issue between the Shop Contracts software (SciQuest) and Internet Explorer 8.  Those who recently upgraded to IE8 receive a “cross-site scripting” error.   

Read the full story and learn how to fix the error »


EPIC OneStart Tabs Streamlined

Purchasing recently made improvements to the tab menu in the EPIC OneStart portal for easier navigation.  

See the new tabs »


EPIC Training Opportunities


Date: Thursday, October 22
Time: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Location: Poplars 183
Register Now »

NEW Advanced Class!

EPIC – Beyond the Basics

Date:  Wednesday, November 18

Time:  8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Location:  Poplars 183

Register Now »

EPIC - Beyond the Basics, will address the following questions:

  • What do I do with conference/hospitality contracts and payments?
  • How do I handle advertising insertion orders or contracts?
  • The company I am ordering from requires a deposit or payment with order; how do I handle these?
  • How can I most effectively use the note screen in EPIC?
  • What are the reference fields for?
  • What do I do when a vendor is not in the vendor list?

Lessons learned in this class will help you streamline the ordering process for complex situations.

Date: Thursday, November 12
Time: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location: UN 544 (Union Building) North side of building
Register Now »


P-Card News

P-Card Restriction Reminder

Restricted purchases are items that should not be purchased with a P-Card or through an EPIC Automatic Purchase Order (APO).  Examples of restricted purchases include toxic chemicals, capital equipment, and flowers.  In the Items tab of an EPIC requisition document there is a column titled “restricted” that when selected will force a purchase order to route through Purchasing for approval.  However, a P-Card has no controls to stop these types of purchases. It is extremely important for cardholders to remember that restricted purchases also apply to P-Cards.  

View a list of all restrictions »

Find a contract manager who can assist with a restricted item »


Reward/Loyalty Card Update:  Receive Discounts with IU Approved PIN Numbers and Programs

In last month’s newsletter we reminded our readers that using a personal rewards card with an IU procurement card (P-Card) is prohibited.  Reward cards include Best Buy Rewards Zone, Staples Rewards, and grocery loyalty cards (i.e. Kroger cards, etc.).  We understand that in most instances, staff and faculty are merely using reward cards to help IU save money.  As such, we have identified ways to use rewards/loyalty cards in compliance with University policy.   

Read the full story »


Bloomington News

Furniture Tricks and Purchasing Treats

All staff and faculty are invited the Furniture Open House hosted by the Purchasing Department, located on the fourth floor of the Poplars building, Wednesday, October 28, from noon to 3 p.m. 

Read the full story »


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