Raise Your APO Limit by Using the Available Contracts Button

The automatic purchase order (APO) dollar limit is $1,000 for most departments.  This means that qualifying APO requisitions of less than $1,000 do not route through Purchasing, and are instead sent directly to the vendor after all approvals have been given within your department.  Any requisition over the APO limit must come through the Purchasing Department for approval.  However, you can take advantage of a higher APO spending limit if you shop with a vendor with whom IU has a contract. 


The most common way to take advantage of the higher APO spending limit is to shop using the “Shop Contracts” (B2B) section of EPIC.  But you can also increase your APO limit when using “Create a Standard Requisition.”  In the Vendor tab, instead of using the “Search for Vendor” button, select “Available Contracts.”  You will be able to choose from a list of contracts that offer competitive pricing and increased APO limits.  If you cannot find the vendor you’re looking for, then go back and use the “Search for Vendor” button.


Please be aware that Purchasing is constantly updating vendor information in our system and not all contracted vendors may be shown in the Available Contracts page.


Source:   Dawn Bodle


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