IU Suppliers May Not Pay for Student, Staff, or Faculty Travel

Some well-intentioned vendors may invite staff, faculty, or students to an off-campus event for academic reasons or to showcase products that cannot be easily viewed on campus.  Travel for these reasons is allowable as long as Indiana University pays for all expenses incurred.  It is against University policy for the vendor to pick up the tab for any travel-related expense. 

As a public institution with many external stakeholders, we must avoid any perception of impropriety.  The Purchasing Department trusts that University staff use professional judgment to make buying decisions; meaning that equipment performance and budgetary constraints guide the purchasing decision, not perks, incentives, or free travel.

Before accepting an invitation to travel, make certain it is understood that the trip is on IU’s tab and there are no strings attached. Over the course of the trip, the vendor should not provide any gifts or gratuities or treat IU-affiliated guests to entertainment.  Exceptions are made in the case of conferences and other events where a registration fee is paid by IU that presumably covers the cost of these items. 

View the Policies:

Contact your campus Purchasing office with questions about these policies. 

Source: Jill Schunk, C.P.M.


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