Reminder: Use of Personal Rewards Card with an IU P-Card is Prohibited

The Indiana University Internal Audit Department recently reviewed P-Card statements and discovered a number of instances when store rewards cards (i.e. Best Buy Rewards Zone, Staples Rewards, grocery cards) were used in conjunction with a P-Card. 

Purchasing Policy 3.3 states, “No university employee may use his or her purchasing authorities for personal gain.”  When a rewards card is used, the purchaser receives coupons, gift cards, or in some cases, cash.  These monetary rewards are not returned to the University, but rather are retained for the purchaser’s personal use.  The result is a potential conflict of interest. 

For example, an IU employee could make unnecessary purchases on a P-Card at the expense of the University in order to personally accrue more points, discounts, or other rewards.  Also, use of a rewards card could discourage shopping with IU’s established contracted vendors.  Most items purchased at department stores such as Staples, Best Buy, etc. are more appropriately purchased in the Shop Contracts (B2B) section of EPIC.  Our Shop Contracts vendors often offer superior pricing, warranties, and service.  

The Purchasing Department would like to remind faculty and staff that the use of rewards and grocery cards is, and has always been, prohibited.  Future p-card statements will be reviewed to identify rewards card purchases.  The Office of Procurement Services thanks all IU faculty and staff for assisting with our efforts to maintain compliance with University policy. 


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