Policy 20 FAQ

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Why is this policy necessary?

The policy directs the use of University funds not personal funds. Agreements provide the University with guarantees in pricing, delivery, service, etc. Further, in consolidating our volumes to specific contracts, we are better able to leverage our position with our suppliers and seek better agreements.

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The product the contracted suppliers provide will not work.

The policy says that if the product you are buying is carried by a contracted supplier, please use the University contract.

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May I use a P-Card to purchase from a University contracted supplier?

If the supplier is available on our Business-to-Business (B2B) system through EPIC, we would prefer that you use that method of purchase. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the appropriate discounts if you use a p-card with that supplier. However, a few of our University contracts stipulate the use of P-Cards. If you are in doubt, check on our contract page: http://www.indiana.edu/~purchase/contract/contract.php.

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I cannot stop research while waiting even for next day delivery.

Your fiscal officer has the authority to determine that an emergency exists that will allow a transaction with a non-contracted supplier. Your fiscal officer will be required to document the emergency for audit purposes. These emergency transactions may be made using p-cards, Automatic Purchase Orders (APOs) or Purchase Orders (POs).

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My department needs to buy a lot of very specific goods from a supplier.

Purchasing staff can develop agreements for you to use that will guarantee pricing, service, terms of payment, etc. The entire University community may benefit from the agreement.

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I found a product for less money than offered by our contracted supplier.

First, please make the purchasing staff aware of the discrepancy. They can try to get our contracted supplier to honor the lower pricing.

Second, your time has a cost as well as delivery, loss of volume to the contract, etc. The intent of the policy is to improve our contracts so that all departments on all campuses save time and money. Please read this issue of our newsletter: http://www.indiana.edu/~purchase/newsletter/february2010/febnewsletter.html#save.

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I cannot find the supplier I wanted to use on the contract list page.

Policy 20 only applies to those products and goods CURRENTLY under contract. If the University does not have a contract for a specific good or service, you should work with the purchasing department to identify a supplier that can meet your needs and expectations.

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