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These guidelines also cover speakers and lecturers.


Total amount is $1,000 and Under

  • A DV may still be used.
  • Travel may be over and above this $1,000 threshold.

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Total amount is Over $1,000

Requisition must be executed in KFS for the speaking fees or honorarium, additionally:

  • If you have a W9, please forward it to Purchasing.
  • If you do not have a W9, enter the name, address, and phone number of the speaker in KFS. Purchasing will obtain the W9.
  • If the cost exceeds $5,000 or there are risk factors involved, an agreement is required in addition to the PO (see below).
  • Travel may be paid one of two ways:
    1. If paying travel on the PO, it must be charged to the same object code you are using for the Honorarium. Object code 4089 is no longer to be used on PO's.
    2. On a DV as a separate transaction through University Travel.

For speakers who are non-US citizens, Purchasing will obtain the W8-BEN paperwork, which is the substitute for a W9. The department is responsible for all other paperwork for non-US citizens.

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Procedures for an Agreement

  1. If Purchasing determines an agreement is required, you will be asked to complete the following:
    1. Create and route the requisition as described above.
    2. Navigate to the eDoc Contracts link on the Purchasing website and click the Consultant Form link.
    3. Complete the consultant form. In the “Services” section of the document, provide a detailed description (3-5 paragraphs) of the service to be provided. This description is key to a successful agreement, as it will be used to negotiate a settlement if the vendor fails to satisfy the expectations listed.
    4. Save and submit the eDoc.
  2. Purchasing will prepare the agreement and send it to the speaker or service provider for signing. Purchasing will copy you when sending the agreement, contact Purchasing right away if you have any questions regarding the agreement.
  3. When a signed agreement is received, Purchasing will send you a copy of the agreement by email and release the associated Purchase Order.

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Procedures for Making Payment

In cases where a deposit is required, you should indicate this clearly on the Requisition. The Purchase Order will then be processed as a check enclosed order to deliver the deposit.

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Procedures for International Services

International Service Engagements - ($5,000 or More)

Study Abroad: (See: Overseas Study - Standard Operating Procedure )

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