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Submitting this form will initiate an email to the redistribution listserv. The redistribution listserv is managed by the Purchasing Department on the Bloomington Campus and should only be used to give or sell goods to another department, school or organization within the University. Goods owned by the University are never to be given or sold to individuals. The redistribution process is outlined in the Purchasing Policy P-14.0, Disposal and Redistribution of University Property and it is the responsibility of all who use this form to know and understand the policy.

I have read and understand that the Disposal and Redistribution of University Property policy and confirm that the goods that are being offered will not be given or sold to an individual:
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I am selling a device that stores electronic data:
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If 'Yes' was selected, read and select the check box below if you can comply with Purchasing Policy P-14.1, Sale of Computer Equipment which outlines the Departmental Responsibility as it relates to data removal. Select "I agree" if you understand the policy and that the data on the device will be removed before transferring ownership:
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