Material Return Form - PO/APO

Complete the following Steps
  1. Identify and document the circumstances involving the return of the goods.
  2. Contact the Purchasing Buying Group responsible for the commodity for assistance, if the order was issued by the Purchasing Department. If returns are necessary for Automatic Purchase Orders (APO's), contact the for assistance if needed. The user is responsible for any P-Card returns and the necessary documentation.
  3. Notify the vendor of the return.
  4. Through the Purchasing department, work with the vendor to return the goods and establish a remedy if necessary - a credit and a re-invoice if necessary and/or the shipment of replacement conforming goods at no charge. Be sure to request the following information from the vendor to return the non-conforming goods:
    • Return Authorization number and required documentation (many vendors require a Return Authorization number on returned goods so that they can inventory and track the problem).
    • Correct Return Address
    • Set up the return shipping and who will be responsible for payment (in most cases - the vendor)
    • If via vendor truck - schedule an appointment for the pick-up and identify the location of the goods and an IU contact person and phone number.
    • If the return is required because of Vendor error, and if the shipment was made via package shipping company (UPS, FedEx, RPS, etc.) the vendor will issue a call tag and the package company will pick up the goods. If shipment was made via freight company, and the return is due to vendor error, the vendor will arrange for pick-up. Please identify the location of the goods and an IU contact person and phone number.
    • Verify how the vendor will handle the credit and re-invoicing if it is part of the remedy.
    • Complete the IU Material Return Document (see step 4)
    • If the goods need to go back to the Central Receiving for pick up, contact your campus facilities to schedule a pick-up. On the Bloomington Campus, contact Central Receiving Department at 855-6569. Be sure to include any necessary paperwork or Return Authorization forms (see the IU Material Return Document web page or hard copy)
  5. Complete the IU Material Return Document for PO/APO's (web page or hard copy). For a paper form contact your Purchasing Office.
General Information
Department Contact
Pick Up Address, Location of Material
IU ref. # for which material was originally received
Zip -
Vendor's Return Authorization ref. #
Please provide an itemized list of the materials to be returned, include the quantity:
Material is being returned for the following reasons
  • Duplicate Shipment
  • Sample Returned
  • Overshipment
  • Defective:
  • Repair:
  • Damaged in Transit:
  • Exchange for:
  • Other (give reason):
FOB Origin
  • Vendor pays shipping costs
  • IU pays shipping costs
Method of shipment
  • Package Carrier
  • Parcel Post
  • Motor Freight
  • Vendor truck
  • IU truck
  • Other (provide the method)
Value of shipment

Date returned


When you submit the form a copy of the Material Return Document will be emailed to the email address posted on this form and the in the Bloomington Purchasing Department. We will forward your message to the appropriate Purchasing Contract Manager for inclusion with the purchase order's file. Please retain the other copy sent to the email address on the form for your department's records.

After the form has been successfully submitted, the vendor's copy will display on your screen.

Please use the print function in your browser to print the vendor's file copy and provide a copy of the document with the returned goods.

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