Preliminary Approvals

Licensing & Trademarks

All third party uses of IU’s name, logo, trademarks, colors, insignias, seal, designs, identifiable properties, or other intellectual property must be authorized by the IU Office of Licensing & Trademarks by emailing

Prepare to provide the following information
  • An overview of what you would like to do and details about the vendor if applicable.
  • What marks the vendor would like to use. Please be specific. There are 160+ trademarks in the Trustees trademark portfolio, many of which pertain to research and other initiatives. Vendors will not be given access to all IU marks.
  • A detailed list of how the marks will be used.
Additional information
  • All uses of Indiana University marks must adhere to the IU Trademark Policy
  • All commercial and promotional products (giveaways) must be produced by a vendor licensed with IU.
  • IU Purchasing will require an email copy of the authorization from L&T to proceed with a purchase. Please send a copy in with your requisition.

Call the Office of Licensing & Trademarks at 812-855-8830 or email with questions.

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