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Internal Banners
Due to potential safety and structural integrity issues, internal banners must receive prior written approval from Theresa Thompson in the University Architect's Office.
External Banners
Due to potential safety and structural integrity issues, external banners must receive prior written approval from Mia Williams in the University Architect's Office.

Indiana University External Banner Specifications

  1. The acquisition of all banners will occur through the Purchasing Department.
  2. The installation, maintenance and removal of banners will occur through Campus Division on the Bloomington Campus.
  3. Banners may be displayed on street side gooseneck light poles of 20' height minimum. Banners may also be displayed on standard walkway lights with 14' height minimum.
  4. There are three formats for banners and hardware based on size of poles:
    • Large Format: for standard 30' light poles
      • Banner width - 30"
      • Banner Height - 78"
      • Bottom Bracket Min. Height Above Grade - 14'
    • Medium format: for 20' - 25' light poles
      • Banner width - 18"
      • Banner Height - 48"
      • Bottom Bracket Min. Height Above Grade - 10'
    • Small Format: for 14' - 20' light poles
      • Banner width - 18"
      • Banner Height - 42"
      • Bottom Bracket Min. Height Above Grade - 10'
  5. Banner Material: 15 oz. Minimum, Block-Out (or Opaque), Rip-Stop Vinyl.
  6. Banners can be silk-screened or use vinyl cut letters or both
  7. Standardize - 3" or 4" pole pockets - Heavy Duty Stitching or Welded.
  8. Wind Pockets - A 4" for each square foot of banner.
  9. All hardware should be banded to poles with 3/4" aluminum banding specifically designed for attaching street signs. Hardware should require two bands to secure brackets. No radiator hose clamps are permitted.
  10. Banner arms shall have a flange or clip on the outside end to prevent banners from sliding off the arm. No grommet and/or tie-straps are permitted.

In-House Sources for Banners

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Furniture Purchases

Request for Service

Complete the University Architects Office’s online form, Request for Service:

  1. Click “Enter a Request for Service” (first link).
  2. Within the form, for “Request Type:”, check the checkbox for “Furniture Only”.
  3. Click Continue; fill out and submit form.

After completing the form a project number and a designer will be assigned. Users will receive an email response with that project number immediately and the assigned designer information within 24 hours. The designer will work directly with the department and engage Purchasing as necessary (as identified between University Architects Office and Purchasing). Designer will encourage the user to be sure their fiscal officer is aware of the request for furniture.

Placing the Order

Upon approval of the design and specifications by department, a design representative from University Architects Office (UAO) will enter the requisition into KFS on behalf of the department using the departments identified account number.

The Requisition will route to the Fiscal Officer or Fiscal Officer Delegate for approval with the appropriate transaction information attached to the document (pricing schedule, design layout, etc.) so the fiscal officer has all information required to review before approving the requisition. If the order is less than $10,000 and using a contracted vendor, a Purchase Order will automatically transmit to the vendor after fiscal officer approval.


    • Eva Howe, Institutional Purchasing Representative, (765) 455-9233
  • IUPUI, IUPUC and IU School of Medicine
  • UAO

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Hard Drive Destruction Procedures

Hard Drives

As per Indiana University Purchasing Policy 14.1, departments are individually responsible for insuring that no sensitive or confidential data can be recovered from their computers prior to sending the computer to IUB Surplus Stores. For the past several years IUB Surplus Stores has taken the additional initiative to wipe every hard drive received to the latest Department of Defense (DoD) standards. The IUB Surplus Stores wiping process has been approved by both the Information Technology Security Office and Internal Audit. The vast majority of computer hard drives can be and have been successfully wiped to DoD standards.

Occasionally a few hard drives are unable to be wiped due to damage, obsolescence, or other factors. In those occasions, IUB Surplus Stores will remove the hard drive and it will be "shredded" onsite using a Hard Drive/Media destruction device.

Departments are strongly encouraged to leave the hard drives in the computers they are sending to IUB Surplus Stores. Departments that decide to remove their hard drives prior to sending the computers to IUB Surplus Stores will be responsible for paying the cost of the hard drive destruction service at the time those loose hard drives arrive at Surplus Stores. The reason for this charge is that IUB Surplus Stores, as a self-supporting auxiliary, receives the majority of its revenue from the sale of used computer systems. In order to sell a used computer system it is necessary that the computer have a working hard drive. There is virtually no market for computers without them.

Other Media

IU Surplus Stores also has the onsite capabilities to destroy/shred CD’s and DVD’s, cell phones and other data storage devices. If it will fit in the machine it can be shredded!

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Charge Rates for Hard Drive or Media Destruction

  1. In a personal computer - No Charge
  2. Removed from a personal computer: packaged and labeled in a box - $3.25 per hard drive
  3. All other items will be charged at $3.00 per pound / $1.00 minimum.


Securely box your items and provide an IU account number for billing. You are welcome to drop off the items or have Surplus Stores pick them up at no charge.


If a department has loose hard drives (already pulled from the computer) or any other media that they would prefer to witness being destroyed, just contact IUB Surplus Stores and they will be glad to set up an appointment to accommodate those requests.

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IUPUI - Selecting Professional Media Consulting and Design Services

The use of outside professional media consultants is not an unacceptable practice; however guidelines for the selection process have been developed to assist in the procurement. This will ensure compliance with the intent of Indiana University purchasing policies and procedures is adhered to. The following guidelines for all requests for professional media consultants, media design services, video, and printed materials has been developed for your convenience and adherence to.

  1. It is recommended that you work with Purchasing Services to solicit formal quotations.
  2. If a formal process for seeking the professional services of a consultant designer/printer is not initiated through Purchasing Services (i.e., Request for Quotation--the preferred, but not required, process), then you are expected to keep a list of the vendors you contact, including the company’s name, the contact person, phone number, and any other notes. This information is then to be sent as supporting documentation with your requisition.
  3. Requisitions should include the following elements:
    • The specific scope of work to be performed (this may be as simple as a reference to: “1998 annual report; see 1997 report with changes”).
    • Notation of any specific time lines, i.e., deadlines to be met.
    • Total estimated cost of project.
    • If quotations were solicited by your department, these should be in the form of a formal quotation on company letterhead. Quotations should be clear, concise, and address your written criteria. Verbal quotes on smaller projects are acceptable. Smaller projects are defined as any order under $2,500. Quotes should itemize costs, i.e., the cost of design services, film, printed material, delivery, mailing, etc.
    • If you solicited quotes on your own, have selected a vendor, and are not recommending in writing the low bid, you will need to justify your selection criteria Purchase requisitions should be submitted to Purchasing Services prior to any contracting and starting of your project. Include accompanying paperwork (referenced in paragraphs 2 and 4 above) supporting your project. Do not send an invoice with the requisition.
    • The practice of forwarding Disbursement Vouchers for these types of services is not acceptable. Disbursement Vouchers were not intended for this type of use. Please refer to Disbursement Voucher guidelines. URL for DVs.

Questions can be directed to Tally Thrasher 317-274-7404 or

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Relocation, IU Contributes to Relocation Costs

Indiana University at times contributes to the relocation costs of faculty or staff members. The budget for these expenses are determined by the hiring department. If the moving fees exceed the budget, the individual is responsible for the balance which is due to the moving company when the household is delivered. Payment from the individual can only be made by cashier's check or credit card.

To initiate this process, the individual must fill out the form Moving Request Form on the Purchasing web page.

Once the quotes have been received the person who is relocating needs to:

  1. Forward all copies of the quotes to the department that has agreed to pay for some or all of the expenses. Note: Do not share the rates with other moving companies. If anyone has questions about the rates or the pricing agreements please have them contact Tresa Fredericks 812-855-9952.
  2. Select a company. Price may not be the determining factor, the availability of the company and the relocator's schedule may be considered.

Once the department has been informed which moving company has been chosen, the department needs to:

  1. Submit an Indiana University requisition with the following information:
    • The moving company's name
    • The quote number and amount
    • Relocator's name and phone number
    • Originating and destination cities
    • Date of the move
    • The department's dollar limit
  2. Attach a copy of all the quotes to the Requisition

Purchasing will create the purchase order and fax it to the moving company.

NOTE: Moving expenses that are paid by the University for an individual will be reported to the IRS as income and will appear on their W-2. A worksheet that breakdowns the moving expenses and a booklet with instructions on how to file this income will also be sent to the individual. Special arrangements need to be made if the move occurs in one year and the payments is made in the next year. Please contact Sandy Lottes Boruff, Indiana University, Financial Management Support, Tax/Retirement Benefits Associate at (812) 855-6894 for instructions.

The amount of Indiana University's contribution is determined when the job is offered by the department. The hiring department must follow the State of Indiana and Indiana University's policies and regulations which limit $10,000.00 of state funds for relocation costs. If the department wishes to exceed this amount by using external funds contact Rozzie Gerstman, Indiana University, Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Bryan Hall 100, (812) 855-1123

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Relocation, Employee Pays Entire Relocation Costs

Even if an IU faculty or staff (newly hired as well as retiring or departing faculty or staff) are paying the entire cost for relocation, they are still eligible to use Indiana University's discounts with our contracted relocation vendors:

Payment is made when the household has been delivered by cash, cashier's check or credit card.

To initiate this process the individual must fill out a Moving Request Form on the Purchasing web page.

Once the quotes have been received the person who is relocating needs to select a company.

Note: Do not share the rates with other moving companies. If anyone has questions about the rates or the pricing agreements please have them contact Tresa Fredericks 812-855-9952.

If questions or problems arise during relocation, please contact the company.

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Relocation, Office and/or Research Equipment

  1. Discuss with your department the relocation of office/research equipment to an IU address. They will set the budget.
  2. If the department is covering the costs of the office relocation, and a portion or part of your household move, you will need two (2) copies of the quote. Be sure to request that the moving companies prepare a separate estimate for each move, one for the household and one for the office relocation - so that tax records will be accurate. You can receive quotes by filling out the Request for Quotation page.
  3. The household and office payments will be made through a single IU purchase order.
  4. After you communicate your moving company selection to your department contact person, your department will initiate a requisition containing the following information:
    • Name of selected company
    • One line item with the Estimate/Survey number and dollar total for the household move with object code 5070
    • A second line item with the Estimate/Survey number and dollar total for the office relocation with the object code 5027
    • Employee name and phone number
    • Origin and Destination Cities
    • Date of Move
    • Dollar limit (e.g. up to $x - the actual cost of the relocation will vary from the estimate depending on the actual weight and number of boxes, etc.)
    • Fax all estimates to Purchasing, 812-855-7839
  5. Purchasing will create the purchase order and fax it to the company.

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