U.S. Coast Guard Cutters of the
Treasury Class

Collectively known as the "327s" (in reference to the 327-foot length of their hulls), these Treasury Class Coast Guard Cutters each were named for a different U.S. Treasury Secretary. Primarily constructed for U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue operations, these cutters were first launched in 1936 and 1937. In 1944 and 1945, the vessels were converted to amphibious force flagships. Then, in 1946, they were reverted back to gunboat type until their subsequent decommissionings. Today, two of the 327s now serve as floating museums. Another two are artificial reefs in the Florida Keys.

The Seven Sister Ships of the 327 Fleet

Bibb: Launched January 14th, 1937.
Campbell: Launched June 3rd, 1936.
Duane: Launched June 3rd, 1936.
Hamilton: Launched Nov. 10th, 1936.
Ingham: Launched June 3rd, 1936.
Spencer: Launched January 6th, 1937.
Taney: Launched June 3rd, 1936.
Typical Fleet Characteristics: Duties, specifications, illustrations and other typical features.
Dedication Plaque: Draft design for the Treasury Class Dedication Ceremony - Nov. 1997.
Fleet Associations: Listing of 327 Fleet Associations, their presidents and their addresses.

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