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General Information and Background: Ancient History and New Friendships


In 1993, Charles Beeker was contacted by Pedro J. Borrell of the Comision de Rescate Arquelogico Submarino to determine the University's interest in searching for a possible Columbus shipwreck in the shallow waters of Bahia Isabela. It was a golden opportunity to perhaps discover a fragile piece of history; it was here that Columbus established the first capital of the New World in 1494.

Since its creation, Indiana University's Underwater Science Program has been a leader in underwater archaeology and shipwreck park development. During its current research endevours, Indiana University's Charles Beeker, Program Director, is leading a team of experienced archaeologists, geologists, and park professionals to uncover some of the mysteries surrounding Columbus's arrival in the new world and the cultural impact of the Spanish conquistadors.

Past and Current Research Project Supporters:
Catholic University of SantoDomingo, Patronato Rector Parque Nacional Del Este, Club Dominicus, and Patronato Faro a Colon, Hydrolab Corporation
"Ancient History and New Friendships: Binational Cooperation in East National Park, Dominican Republic"
by Charles D. Beeker, Director, Underwater Science and Educational Resources, Indiana University, and John W. Foster, Senior State Archaeologist, California State Parks.
Dominican Republic Photo Gallery: Parque Nacional del Este

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