Current Research:

Cave Sites of East National Park

Jose Maria

The Jose Maria Cave is a remote cavern in the limestone formations of East National Park, Domincan Republic. From a small outer opening, the cave widens to elaborate interior chambers. Over 1200 individual pictographs have been carefully documented over the past several years.

Cueva del Puente

Cueva del Puente is located roughly two miles south-southeast of Guaraguao in the East National Park. It is a medium sized cave with at least four known levels- two levels feature numerous examples of cave art. Investigations have been on-going since January of this year and will continue through this August.

Penon Gordo

The somewhat smaller cave of Penon Gordo is located due south of Cueva del Puente closer to the end of the coastline of the Park. It contains two levels and more examples of petroglyphs than pictographs. It's unique features include the double, verticle opening of the mouth and larger, more well defined panals of petroglyphs. Investigations will continue through August.

Cueva de Chicho

  • Additional photos of the non-decorative water vessel neck seen to the right
  • Though just recently starting the investigations at Cueva de Chicho, numerous interesting aspects of the cave have been discovered. The structure of the cave is a bit different due to the nearly verticle passageway just past the opening which leads into the cave. The cave itself is partially filled with water from a natural spring. During the last expedition to this cave, a team of divers discovered an intact "potiza"; a ceremonial vessel used by the Taino. Investigations will be coninued here through August.