Taino Sites in the East National Park

East National Park is located in the southeast corner of the Dominican Republic. It contains some of the most fascinating Taino sites ever discovered. Indiana University's research in the East National Park includes the archaeological investigations of the Manantial de La Aleta, Jose Maria Cave and other cave sites in the Park
La Aleta, located within the south-central region of Parque Nacional del Este is a deep limestone grotto, filled with crystal clear fresh water surrounded by several ceremonial plazas. Detailed analysis of incredibly well preserved artifacts and archeological investigations of on the site point to its historical significance.
Within Parque Nacional del Este there are over one hundred ten cave systems - some of which were used by the Taino. The cave sites studied by Indiana University illustrate the use and importance of caves to the Taino. The caves provides us with a unique glimpse into the Taino history as they display the myths, beliefs, and events pictured by Taino people. Guardian from Penon Gordo Cave
Furthermore, Indiana University has discovered a Taino shore site, located on the southern shore of Parque Nacional del Este where pieces of Taino artifacts abound. Although its specific relevance has not been determined, the site could yield important information about the 'daily life' of the Taino.

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