Penon Gordo Summary Report


Peon Gordo is located in the southwestern region of Parque Nacional del Este. Its mouth is located at the GPS coordinate of N1816181 W06846536 and continues in an east, southeasterly direction. The path which leads to Peon Gordo begins at a point on the beach. As per our experience conducting a surface collection at the entrance point, we were able to obtain many ceramic artifacts within a very short period of time.

The second archaeologically significant piece of information relates to a lone ceramic piece which Don Abelardo Jimnez discovered as we were measuring the path (see map for location). The importance of this piece relates to the intricate incised line design which directly coincides with the design of the gourd recovered from Manantial de la Aleta.

The entrance to the cave of Peon Gordo is fairly unusual in that one must enter through a large opening which is on a horizontal rather than a vertical plane. This opening and its smaller counterpart- which is situated closer to the horizontal opening of the cave were both created by the proces of dissolution. One speleological feature located at the entrance is a series of horizontal fractures which are heterogenous.

From datum zero, situated at the northwestern edge of the first opening, the altimeter of the cave was measured and it was determined that there are at least three distinct levels spanning the portion of the cave which we were able to map within the time allotted. The first level is roughly 30 long and 20 wide and includes the two horizontal openings. From the vertical entrance, the cave gradually descends 8 to the second level. This level extends 30 into the first room at an average width of 20. The remaining 10 of the first room is associated with level three which is nearly 15 below datum zero. The cave then extends in a southeasternly direction to the second room which was measured at 30x15 and the third room which is 40x50.

The most archaeologically significant features of the cave are present within the second level. There are eight different rock art designs which rangefrom a single, square-face petroglyph to an entire wall covered with petrogyph figures and faces. Each individual figure was measured and photographed and the exact position of the figure in relation to the cave was determined. Specifically, figures one, two, three, four, five, and eight are associated with level two, while six and seven are associated with level three.

It is our hope that we may be able to continue work in Cueva del Puente and Penon Gordo in order to obtain complete maps of each cave system as well as further extend our archaeological investigations by conducting test excavations in and around the caves.