Preliminary Water Analysis

Preliminary Water Analysis

Several samples of water were collected by research divers within La Aleta in November of 1996. La Aleta is typical of Karst topography, a cap rock is found at a depth of 100 feet. Three distinct sections occur within the water table. At depths of 0 to 34 feet the water is consistently clear. A layer of sulfur water extends from 34 feet to a depth of 70 feet. Within the deep aquifer, 74 to 240 feet, the water returns to the it's clear state.

Water Samples

Test samples were taken at depths of 15 feet, 34 feet and 100 feet. Two samples were gathered at each depth, one of each pair were treated with a chemical preservative.


The test results were generally inconclusive due to small sample size, method of containment and delay in testing. However each sample was tested for both pH and alkalinity.

              pH     alkalinity                 
Sample#1      8.2    274 mg/L as CaCO3
Sample#2      7.9    242 mg/L
Sample#3      7.7    110 mg/L

Further Studies

Additional testing will occur during field research in July, 1997. Water analysis will continue under the direction of Professor Bill Jones, School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Professor Jones will be implementing a Hydrolab Water Quality Multiprobe during the field project.

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