Jose Maria Cave Pictographs Dating to the Early Sixteenth Century

Jose Maria Cave

East National Park

Dominican Republic

Tribute Scene of the Taino Indians to the Spaniards

This is a clear view of one of the Jose Maria Cave walls describing a tribute to the Spanish Conquest by the Taino Indians. The scene shows the making of bread to offer tribute and ultimately feed the Spanish army that would have been stationed further up the coast. The pictograph reads from left to right showing the grating of the guayaga and yucca plant roots, of which they used to make the dough. Then the dough was placed on the barbecue that cooked it, while the cacique or chiefton watched over the preparartions. Finally the bread was placed on a long-boat which shipped it back to the Spanish camp. These cave paintings date back to the early Sixteenth century AD, and over 1,200 of them have been carefully documented over the past several years.

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