Benwood 1942

French Reef, Key Largo

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Benwood bow as Indiana University researchers survey the site.

Shipwreck Trail Information-Selected as one of the dive sites for the Upper Keys to be on the Shipwreck Trail, the Benwood was sunk in 1942. She was built in 1910, a merchant marine freighter.

Historical Significance- Benwood shipwreck April 1, 1942.

Dedication Ceremony- In 1992, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Indiana University aided in commemorating the 50th anniversary of the wrecking of the Benwood freighter.

Site Illustration- A drawing to scale prepared by Indiana University

Photographic Imaging Technique (PIT)- A photographic plan with specific biological and interest points prepared by Indiana University

Research Activities- Ongoing Indiana University field study activities

Biological Monitoring- Coral monitoring of the Benwood

Marine Biology- Corals, fishes and underwater life associated with the Benwood

Diver Information- Location, depth, and general diving conditions

Underwater Tour- Dive the Benwood via the World Wide Web

Other Interests- Anchor controversy and Benwood's bell

USER Report-Shipwreck Report

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