Benwood Diver Information

French Reef, Key Largo

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

An aerial photograph of the Benwood dive site (courtesy of Quiescence Diving Services, Key Largo, FL)

Site Description: The remains of the 340-foot long metal-hulled freighter have partially been removed by salvors, leaving only the bilge section for divers to visit.

Location: French reef, Upper Keys Region, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Depth: 30' to 45'

Visibility: Averages from 30' to 50', depending upon environmental conditions.

Marine Life: Schools of common grunt fish as well as a variety of soft corals.

Diver Level: Novice. A great site to visit for a "first shipwreck dive".

Comments: The site is extremely popular with local charter boats, and could be the most dived upon shipwreck in the world. There are four mooring buoys for divers to descend down, as well as a marker buoy to aid in locating the site. Currents are generally mild, and marine life is typical of the Florida Keys patch reefs, including schooling fish and soft coral growths.

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Last updated: 22 October 2001
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