City of Washington

Elbow Reef, Key Largo

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Portholes and railings on the stern of the City of Washington
Shipwreck Trail Information
Selected as one of the dive sites for the Upper Keys to be on the Shipwreck Trail, the City of Washington sank on July 10, 1917.She was launched in 1877, specializing in passenger transport and cargo trade.
Historical Significance
City of Washington's involvement during the Spanish American War
Design and construction information
Site Illustration
A drawing to scale prepared by Indiana University
Marine Biology
Corals, fishes and underwater life associated with the City of Washington
Biological Monitoring
Information on specific biological monitoring stations
Diver Information
Location, depth and general diving conditions
Underwater Tour
Dive the City of Washington via the World Wide Web
Shipwreck Report
Underwater Science Student Report

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