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The EAGLE lies within the Florida keys National Marine Sanctuary approximately three miles northeast of Alligator Reef Light, which is six miles off the coast of the Lower Matacumbe Key. Resting on her starboard side, the EAGLE has a minimum depth of 70 feet on her port side and a maximum depth of 115 feet at both the stern and bow ends. Her position on the ocean floor gives divers the impression of a true shipwreck rather than an artificial reef. While this may add a challenge to advanced divers, novice divers should use their best judgement when diving this site.

At the bow of the ship divers will see the port side anchor chain leading away from the ship. The anchor itself is some way from the ship and divers should not leave the wreck to visit it. Traveling toward the stern of the ship one will encounter one of the two masts, equipped with a crows nest, this area proves to be a good opportunity for photographs. At the stern of the vessel is the ships superstructure. Once standing over 60 feet high, this is the most interesting portion of the dive. The ship offers large open windows for easy access to the interior, where a strong dive light will be needed for an enjoyable as well as safe dive. The ships huge 4 bladed propeller remains fixed to the ship for yet another photo opportunity.
The EAGLE has proved to be one of the Upper Keys' most popular dives, with an ever-growing carpet of marine life to add to the beauty of the dive. The vessel is equipped with three mooring buoys. One located at the bow, one at the midsection and one at the stern. The buoys should always be used to ensure the safety of the divers as well as to help preserve the artificial reef. Visibility at this sight can range from 30 feet to 100 feet.
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