Historical Background

The EAGLE was built in Werf-Gorinchem, Holland by Bijker's Aanneming's Bedrijf, Ijessel under the title yard # 167. This conventional hull freighter, despite her short career, was known by various names. Beginning her career on December 31, 1962 under the name RAILA DAN, the EAGLE was 268.5 feet long, 40.29 feet wide, and 65 feet high. She was later named BAROK in 1967. Seven years later, her name waschanged again to CARMELA. In addition to these, she was also known in 1976 as YTAI, 1977 ETAI, CARIGULF PIONEER in 1981, and when she was purchased in 1984 by Jonaz Corporation Ltd. of Georgetown, Cayman Islands where she became known as ARRON K., and flew the Caymanian flag. Her current and final name EAGLE TIRE CO. was given in 1985 just before she was sunk.
The ARRON K. was a conventional hull freighter which carried mainly cardboard and newspaper between Miamai and Venezuela. It was powered by a single ten-cylinder diesel engine capable of producing over 1700 horsepower. Her design speed was 12.5 knota. The vessel had three sixty kilowatt auxiliary generators which, along with the main engine, were located at the stern of the ship. On October 6, 1985, 125 miles south of miami, she caught fire on route to Venezuela. Two U.S. Coast Guard cutters responded to the distress call only to find that the superstructure of the ship had been totally destroyed. Only twenty-three years into her career, she was useless and left to reside on the bank of the Miami River now owned by North River Terminals.
In 1985, new interests arose concerning the future of ARRON K. The Florida Keys Artificial Reef Association (FKARA) as well as the Keys Association of Diver Operators searched the banks of the Miami River before deciding to use the ARRON K., to form an artificial reef. She was purchased for $30,000, with another $20,000 donated by Joe Teitelbaum, owner of the North River Terminal, to help create the reef. The Florida Keys Artificial Reef Association and the Keys Association of Diver Operators intention was to sink her off Alligator Reef to aid in the rebuilding of the underwater culture.
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