Sinking of the Vessel

In preparation for the submerging of the ARRON K., certain steps were taken to ensure she would cause no harm to the life already residing in the reef. This included gutting the ship of all wooden parts, cleaning the ship, especially removing all oil and fuel from the machinery, for fear of harming the underwater environment. A precaution to help ensure the safety of the future divers of the site was the cutting of many large holes into the starboard side of the ship. However, as the vessel sank, these holes filled with water. Ed Armstrong of Florida recollects that the fuel tanks were not filled with water before the ship was sunk which is a possibility as to why she rolled onto her side as she sank, landing on her starboard side. In honor of Joe Teitelbaum's efforts, the vessel was given a new name after one of his own companies, the EAGLE TIRE CO.

On December 19, 1985, the EAGLE TIRE CO. was launched for its final resting place with her final cargo of $873 worth of high explosives. She was moored to the sunken ALEXANDER BARGE which she was supposed to settle next to. However, the EAGLE TIRE CO. broke away from the barge and was forced to drop the port anchor to prevent further drifting in the current. Due to these complications, it was decided that she be sunk at the point where she dropped anchor. She settled on her starboard side with the access holes covered up and the bow pointing northwest.
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