Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
Artifact Inventory

Wooden Piece


  • Design: The piece has a small knobby head on one end. The center section is worn and thin. The end flares out a bit. The end portion of the piece appears to have been broken off. There is a very small hole on one side towards the end of the piece. (This hole is small in comparison to the holes on the other two club/hatchets found earlier). This hole does not go through the entire wooden piece.

  • Size: Length: 36.2cm, Greatest Width: 3.2cm and Smallest Width: 1.9cm

  • Condition: The piece appears to have been a club or hatchet handle similar in size and shape to artifacts MLA-UW1-0018 and 0019. However, this club or hatchet is much more worn and deteriorated. Wood grains are apparent.

  • Color: Dark brown

  • Collection Date: November 1996

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