Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
Conservation Notes

Irregular wooden vessel


Begin Conservation Log

17 November 1997

25 days, change pool water, changed twice on 21 December

23 December 1997

11:00 am old acetone bath 1 Atm

24 December 1997

1:20 pm 2nd acetone bath (once-used acetone) 1 Atm

25 December 1997

9:40 am fresh acetone--vacuum--immediate bubbles

4:00 pm +/- pressure for 6hrs--with vacuum, no bubbles

7:00 pm taken out of acetone and placed in SFD-1 under passive means (no vacuum)

30 December 1997

left in bag of polymer mix

21 Febuary 1998

11:00 am removed from polymer to drain.

6:15 pm noted large cracks in the bottom and side of the container. Returned vessel to polymer mix.

End Conservation Log


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    Last updated: 20 February 1998
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