Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
Conservation Notes

Cohoba Vessel


Begin Conservation Log

6 November 1997

Stored in water

6 December 1997

Second use in acetone (1 ATM)

2:15 am Apply vacuum, the bubbles were small

2:30 am Vacuum off and let rest

2:45 am Apply vacuum, bubbles were present

3:00 am Apply vacuum and rest

3:15 am Apply vacuum and rest

3:30 am Apply vacuum and rest

7:00 am Apply vacuum and rest, there was a pressure drop

7:45 am Apply vacuum

8:00 am Polymer bath with vacuum, 15-20 minute intervals of vacuum with bubbles present

4:30 pm Drained with a cloth clean

7:30 pm Coating with catalyst

7:45 pm Bagged and stored after coating it with the catalyst on cloth

21 December 1997

Exceptional condition, ready for exhibit

21 Febuary 1998

Inspection-- excellent condition

End Conservation Log


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    Last updated: 12 March 1998
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