Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
Conservation Notes

Carved wooden hook (adze handle)


Begin Conservation Log

6 November 1997

stored in water until 6 December 1997

6 December 1997

7:50 pm placed in acetone bath

7 December 1997

2:15 am second acetone bath, vacuum to control small bubbles released

2:30 am turned off vacuum, small bubbles still present, allowed to sit

2:45 am vacuum on

3:00 am +/- vacuum to create small bubbles

3:15 am +/- vacuum to create small bubbles

3:30 am +/- vacuum to create small bubbles. Drop in pressure

7:00 am +/- vacuum to create small bubbles

7:45 am +/- vacuum to create small bubbles

8:00 am Placed in polymer bath

8:15 am vacuum pressure altered in 15-20 minute intervals until bubbles absent (until 4:30 pm)

4:30 pm removed from vacuum chamber, left to soak in polymer mix SFD1

22 December 1997

Removed from Polymer mixture. Noted lots of residue on wood, resembling "sap." Used toothbrush and scraper to remove excess polymer. Placed in "heat box" in sun, excess polymer flows slowly

25 December 1997

3:00 pm added catalyst bag with catalyst on rag

21 Febuary 1998

Inspection-- white crystals on surface

End Conservation Log

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    Last updated: 20 February 1998
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