Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
Artifact Inventory

Constricted Vessel


  • Design: The top half of the exterior exhibits a simple, incised line design that is repeated around the entire pot. The bulbous top portion of the pot has a double design; whereas the design below the indentation is single. The interior of the pot is not smooth.

  • Size: Height 12.7cm, Width at mouth 11.4cm, Greatest Width 16.5cm

  • Condition:The pot is almost completely intact. The rim is slightly broken and crumbled away in a few places. A crack runs down one side from the edge of the rim to a hole at the base of the pot, with a chip on one side. The smooth exterior of the pot is worn away around the hole exposing different layers of the ceramic material.

  • Color: Black with brownish tan undertone

  • Temper: Grit

  • Collection Date: Prior to August 1996

  • Illustration:

  • Comments: There are horizontal, oblong rings with punctated lines within repeating three times around the vessel. There are three rows of this design.

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