Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
Artifact Inventory

Four Cornered Bowl


  • Design:There is an intricate design in the form of a band that wraps around the entire pot. The band begins at the rim and extends over the bulbous portion of the pot. The bottom 1/3 does not have a design. The design is extremely complex because it appears to repeat itself, but not in an exact manner.

  • Size:Height 11.0cm, Width at Mouth 12.6cm, Greatest Width 22.0cm

  • Condition:Pot is completely intact and in good condition

  • Color:Black with brown hue around rim

  • Temper:Grit

  • Collection Date:Prior to August 1996

  • Illustration

  • Comments:Each rounded corner has a circular design. Two opposite corners have two concentric circles. The remaining corners are decorated with a simple circle and a punctated circle.

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