Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
Artifact Inventory

Constricted Bowl with Lugs


  • Design:The design on the top half of the pot is not deeply incised. It is possible that the design repeats itself, however that cannot be determined due to erosion. Yet, since the handles are symmetrically placed and appear to have been identical, it is believed that the design was repeated. The incised line drawings on the pot consist of vertical, parallel lines in a neat repeating fashion. Each line ends with a punctation. The constriction in the center of the pot is very acute and may suggest that it was designed to have some type of rope around the construction.

  • Size:Height 11.4cm, Greatest Width 14cm

  • Condition:Most of the pot is intact except for small percentage of the top portion. Most of the rim has broken off. Two lug handles are close to the top; one is complete while the other is eroded. The handles are symmetrically placed.

  • Color:Tan/orange

  • Temper:Grit

  • Collection Date:Prior to August 1996

  • Illustration:

  • Comments:The color of the artifact is significantly different than any other ceramic artifact known to have been recovered from the Aleta.

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