Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
Artifact Inventory

Intact Pot


  • Design:Repeated band design around the top half of the pot. There is a four circle design with lines and dots. There are no uniform numbers of dots and lines; this may represent seasons or change in time. The design is not symmetrical and has different lines and dots on alternate sides. This is classic Boca Chica style.

  • Size:Height 16.5cm, Width at Mouth 13.3cm, Greatest Width 22.9cm

  • Condition:Pot is completely intact and in good condition.

  • Color:Blackish brown with lighter tan hue at top.

  • Temper:Sand

  • Collection Date:Unknown, prior to August 1996

  • Illustration:

  • Comments:Small portion of the rim restored at Faro a Colon and colored to match. This pot is tinted black like other similar pottery from the Aleta sinkhole.

    Last updated: 24 March 1998
    Comments: Underwater Science Program
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