Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
Artifact Inventory

Ringed Design Pot


  • Design:Bowl is fairly round and open with steep, vertical sides. The rim does not appear to be intact. Designs are incised lines encirculing the pot with fingernail-like indentations in between.

  • Size:Height 14cm, Width at Mouth 15.2cm, Greatest Width 21cm

  • Condition:Fragile and flaking. There is a small hole in the side with two fairly large, significant cracks.

  • Color:Greyish Brown

  • Temper:Grit

  • Collection Date:Prior to August 1996

  • Illustration:

  • Comments:There are three deep lines encircling the pot on the top one-third portion. Below this are two rows of horizontal sets of thumbnail-like indentations. Below this are two more lines encircling the pot reaching down to roughly the middle portion.

    Last updated: 13 February 1998
    Comments: Underwater Science Program
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