Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic
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  • Design:This hatchet is almost identicle in shape and construction to z0014 however it's size is a bit smaller. It has a knob at one end from which the shaft increases in diameter until ending in a rounded point. The bored hole is near the larger end and the hole's diameter is wider on one side as compared to the other. It is thin in cross section and wide from the side. There is a bend or slight curve from the head to the end. Similar to the other hatchet, it is believed that at one time this hatchet contained a flaked cobble through the hole which would have completed it's construction.

  • Size:Approximately 30cm in length

  • Condition:Good. A bit dry and light, but sturdy.

  • Color:Dark brown with areas of black and yellowish tan.

  • Collection Date:Prior to August 1996

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