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Welcome to the website of the Indiana University Racquetball Club!

Interested in joining the IU Racquetball Club?


PRACTICES HAVE STARTED! We will practice every Monday and Wednesday 7pm-9pm on HPER courts 7-10. Please come if you would like to join the club this year!

Want up-to-date information? Follow us on FACEBOOK. Just search for IU Racquetball Club and JOIN NOW!

If you have questions, please write to our president Andrew Otto (ajotto at and let us know that you are interested.

Got Photos?

We would like to share photographs of club members playing racquetball. Digital photos submitted to the Webmaster (racquetb at can be used on this website. Digital cameras can be used for this, and they can be borrowed from a couple of places on campus. If you have a camera of your own that you would prefer to use, you can either scan the photos with a scanner or have them developed into a photo disk. Send in your photos and we'll use them on the site!

Photos by A. Bustin,
Photo by Andrew Bustin, © 2008

Safety Glasses Required for Club-Sponsored Games

You can either bring your own glasses or check out glasses from RecSports using your Student ID If you wear prescription lenses and need those to play on the court, you can buy prescription Sports Safety Eyewear from any full-service eyewear store (think Lens Crafters or the Atwater Eye Clinic on Campus) or you can check out safety frames that go over your regular prescription eyeware.  

Wearing your own street glasses, even if they have safety glass or carbon plastic, is not the same as wearing Safety Glasses.  Regular street eyewear will self-destruct under the force of a racquetball and can seriously injure your vision. (Insert horror story HERE)

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