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Challenge Ladder Guidelines and Rule

Webmaster's note: There is no current Challenge Ladder posted at either HPER or SRSC. If there is a current challenge ladder on IU, please send email to the webmaster, and this information will be posted so that all club members can participate. The guidelines for how to use the Challenge Court are posted below.

1. The Challenge ladder will be broken into two separate divisions

a. Beginner
b. Intermediate/Advanced

2. Initial positions on the ladder will be selected by random draw at the first official practice

a. If a member is not present at the time of the draw, he/she will be seeded at the bottom of the ladder

3. All members will be required to play at least one time per week (maximum of twice per week)

4. A member can only challenge up two spots on the challenge ladder

5. All matches will be best of 3 games

6. If the lower ranked player beats the higher ranked player ( 2 out of 3 games to 15, 15, 11) he/she will move into the higher position while the higher position moves into the position of the lower ranked player

7. If a player refuses to play a requested match that week, he or she will be defaulted into the challengers position and the challenger will move up the ladder

8. No member can play the challenger from the previous match twice in a row.

9. All scores must be reported to the webmaster at the end of each match

10. The ladder will be updated at the end of the week and the date of last updating posted.



Current standings of IUB Challenge Ladder.


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