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Financial Problems at Bloomington Hospital

The reasons behind the struggles of the local facility, and why it is building new areas of the hospital even as the budget is crunched. Millions of dollars in excess revenue for the hospital for the fiscal year of 1999-2000 has become less than a million in the fiscal year 2000-2001. The hospital board is not renewing the contract of the president. We visit with the president and the chief operating officer. For related information, see the Indiana Hospital and Healthcare Association, the American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine.

Thomas Hart Benton Mural Controversy

A group of black students is asking the university to do something regarding a mural that includes a depiction of the Ku Klux Klan. Administration has promised a resolution by March 25th. We hear from concerned students and look at other recent racially-charged events on campuses across the country. For more on Thomas Hart Benton, visit the Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio, Missouri State Historical Site; the Swope Museum of Art; and the National Gallery of Art.

Conversation: Bob Hammel

An interview with longtime Herald-Times sports editor Bob Hammel. Hammel is about to release a book written with former IU coach Bob Knight entitled Knight: My Story. Hammel talks about Knight’s feelings regarding his firing at IU, some of the material revealed in the book.


See related web sites Noise Free America and American College of Cardiology.

What's the Deal?

Why are some Bloomington Transit buses named? Some buses have names, such as Agnes, Titanic, and Green Machine.