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Brown County Jail Lawsuit

The Brown County sheriff and the county jail are being sued. After years of haggling about if a new jail should be built and where, a lawsuit may finally force Brown County to resolve the problem of a very overcrowded, very out-of-date facility. While Brown County officials aren’t pleased to be sued, they are hopeful this might finally get something done. View the Indiana Department of Corrections 2001 Jail Report.

Escaping September 11th

We review the miraculous story of the employees from the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center who happened to be in the Pentagon and in the section of the building hit by a plane crashed by terrorists last September 11th. Their thoughts a year after they walked away virtually without a scratch from an area where so many died. Visit the Crane NSWC web site.

The One Year Anniversary of the September 11 Attacks

A look at local commemorations of the one year marking of last year’s terrorist attacks.


Bringing back Eric Rosser—how a Bloomington man will be among the party to bring the former member of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted home to Indiana to face federal charges (see the Southern District of Indiana U.S. District Court web site); an update to a WTIU Reports piece from last year on the building of a shipwreck park by Indiana University faculty, staff and students off the coast of the Dominican Republic (visit the IU Underwater Science Program).

What's the Deal?

A huge maze made from corn in Martin County. For more information, call (812) 295-9555.