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Crack Cocaine in Bloomington

We explore why dealers have moved into town, how police and prosecutors feel they’ve got a handle on stemming the tide from some cities, but how they may have to battle other dealers trying to move in on the territory. Our story follows the trail of dealers from a small town in northeast Arkansas to Detroit, Michigan. Read the Drug Threat Assessment for Indiana, May 2002, from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Owen County Home

The County Council has killed the entire budget of 2003 for the home serving mostly elderly and indigent clients who can’t care for themselves. The county plans to close the home December 31st. It’s not the first time supporters of the home have had to fight to save it. We visit with residents, look at their chances for staying in the home, and why the council wants to close the home.

Conversation: Rod Paige

An interview with U.S. Secretary of Education and IU alum Rod Paige, including segments from his speech and appearance on campus last month. View the Secretary’s speech; see his biography; visit the Department of Education web site; and take a look at No Child Left Behind, a special program promoting educational reform.


A retrospective exhibit opens at IU on the career of Hoosier native and internationally-renowned designer Bill Blass, who died in June at age 79. Visit IU’s Bill Blass web site.

What's the Deal?

Why a Columbus man has two pyramids outside his home, and interior design copied from the collection of Queen Nefertiti. He speaks with us in full Egyptian garb.