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Outgoing IU President Myles Brand

A conversation with outgoing IU president Myles Brand, who becomes the president of the NCAA at the start of January. Brand speaks about his legacy at IU, the Bob Knight case, his plans for reform as NCAA president, and IU’s own athletic department troubles. For more on the NCAA, visit their web site.

Law Professor with Bloomington Ties Jailed in Egypt

The case of a former DePauw University professor with relatives in Bloomington charged with damaging the image of Egypt through his work on promoting democracy and human rights. We visit with his relatives about the latest development in the case: Egypt’s highest court is granting a new trial. Saad Eddin Ibrahim has been jailed since last spring. To read more about this case and human rights issues, visit the following sites: Lawyers for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies.


An interview with a Princeton scholar and New Republic contributing editor visiting IU who says the U.S. does not have the moral right to declare war on Iraq; details on the investigation into a pornographic movie shot on the IU campus, including a second site for shooting.

What's the Deal?

A grocery store worker in Spencer has developed what he says is an energy-saving and more efficient way to shave. The story behind “delayed shaving.”