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Turnover in Monroe County Schools

We investigate the high student turnover rate in a few Monroe County schools. Last year, just over half the students at Fairview Elementary in Bloomington who started the school year there didn’t finish it there. In total turnover rate—both students who come in and leave during a school year—some administrators say as much as two-thirds of the student body may change. It’s a growing problem that the school district is beginning to examine and trying to address. We examine the challenges of the situation for students, parents, teachers and administrators, its potential consequences, and possible solutions.

War in Iraq: Local Connections

We meet an Iraqi national living in Terre Haute, who still has his parents, five brothers and four sisters in Baghdad. He talks about the war and why the U.S. won’t win support for a post-war government if it kills innocent people.

Conversation: Paul Simon

Former Democratic Senator Paul Simon of Illinois, a 1988 candidate for president, sits down for a discussion taped during his recent appearance on the IU campus. Simon speaks about the potential Iraq war, the stances of Democratic presidential candidates, and why he now sings just like the “other” Paul Simon.

What's the Deal?

This month we find out about ice fishing on Bloomington’s Lake Griffey.


On the discovery of the remains of missing Bloomington resident and IU student Jill Behrman.