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Conversation: Adam Herbert

Indiana University’s new President-Elect speaks about his plans for IU, how significant it may or may not be that he’s IU’s first African-American president, and he explains his backing of Florida governor Jeb Bush’s One Florida plan, which seeks to end race as a factor in admissions policies at Florida’s institutions of higher learning. He also reveals that he once turned down an opportunity at IU. Learn more on the Indiana University web site.

Interview with John Mellencamp

We visit with Bloomington rock star John Mellencamp. His new album released last week is called Trouble No More. He’s indicated that the album might be his last. We speak to him about that, and about why this album is different than his others.

The Greene County Economy

Find out how a group of community and business leaders in Greene County is trying to develop a plan to better business and the future of the county. Greene County is geographically large, very rural, and has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the state. We view the plans for developing what is there into something that can assure a positive future for the area. To learn more, visit the Greene County Economic Development Corporation and the Indiana Business Research Center. (Originally aired February 2003.)

What's the Deal?

A Columbus man takes his passion for pryamids and everything about ancient Egypt to the extreme. Meet the man who dresses like an Egyptian king and has his own pyramids in “What’s the Deal?”