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Turnover in Monroe County Schools

We investigate the high student turnover rate in a few Monroe County schools. Last year, just over half the students at Fairview Elementary in Bloomington who started the school year there didn’t finish it there. In total turnover rate—both students who come in and leave during a school year—some administrators say as much as two-thirds of the student body may change. It’s a growing problem that the school district is beginning to examine and trying to address. We examine the challenges of the situation for students, parents, teachers and administrators, its potential consequences, and possible solutions. (Originally aired March 2003.)


The vacancy sign is up at lots of business space around Bloomington. One estimate places the percentage of empty office space in town at 24%, and the empty industrial space at 35%. By comparison, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) considers investing in new construction risky if a community has a vacancy rate over 15%. Relatively new and large buildings are empty, including around 220,000 square feet of office space and nearly 3 million square feet of industrial space. The Bloomington Economic Development Corporation is setting its sights on filling those spaces. Some say city and county policies will hurt that effort. With the economy lagging and jobs moving, how can the city address the situation? (Originally aired April 2003.)

Conversation: Andy Rooney

An interview with the 60 Minutes commentator about his former colleague, the famed war journalist, Hoosier native Ernie Pyle. Rooney speaks about how Pyle would have liked being an “embedded reporter,” about the future of 60 Minutes after the departure of creator and executive producer Don Hewitt, and about what he wishes people would remember about him. (Originally aired April 2003.)

What's the Deal?

The motorcycle hill climb held annually in Nashville, IN.