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Saad Eddin Ibrahim Visits Indiana

The Egyptian-American democratic activist was jailed off and on by the Egyptian government over the past three years for a charge of allegedly defaming the image of Egypt. The former DePauw University professor married to an IU alum has a mother-in-law and sister-in-law in Bloomington. We visit with Ibrahim as he thanks supporters in Greencastle and Bloomington. His stop in the state marks a nationwide tour to thank his supporters, including a visit to NOW with Bill Moyers. (Originally aired May 2003.)

Interview with John Mellencamp

We visit with Bloomington rock star John Mellencamp. His new album released during the summer is called Trouble No More. He’s indicated that the album might be his last. We speak to him about that, and about why this album is different than his others, plus he reflects on the controversy surrounding a song on the album that denounces the Bush administration’s Iraq policy. (Originally aired June 2003)

Conversation: Gloria Steinem

We talk with feminist and journalist Gloria Steinem. Recorded during her visit to campus in February, she speaks about Alfred Kinsey’s book on female sexuality and its legacy, 50 years after its publication. She also answers questions regarding the status of feminism in these days of talk about war; her thoughts on the Supreme Court and what it might do to the Roe v. Wade decision; and what the Democrats must do to regain a national political foothold. To see more of Gloria Steinem, read her interview for the PBS documentary No Safe Place. (Originally aired February 2003)


Includes an effort by Greene County residents to fight a county-wide meth problem by going door-to-door.

What's the Deal?

The great Pumpkin Cannon. The invention of a local man that can project a gourd so great it can go through a car.