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The Future of Voting in Monroe County

After the election, what does the controversy over student voting in Bloomington really mean for the future of voting in the county? For related links, visit Harvard’s Institute of Politics, the Democratic Party of Monroe County, and the Republican Party of Monroe County.

The Indiana Economy

IU forecasters have released their outlook for 2004. The finding: while the national economy recovers, Indiana’s will do so at a much slower pace. For more information, see the U.S. Department of Labor Economic Statistics for Bloomington and the State of Indiana; and the Bureau of Economic Analysis.


A boost for efforts of a non-profit agency assisting local teachers. You can download an explanation of the program from Monroe County Community Schools. Also, developments in the case of the parents of a former IU student suing a fraternity over the death of their son at a frat party.

Conversation: Jerry Yeagley

We speak with retiring IU men’s soccer coach Jerry Yeagley. He talks about building the program from the ground up, how he almost gave up early on, and what can be done for more growth of men’s soccer in the U.S.

What's the Deal?

We head to the head of heads; why some bathrooms in Bloomington can truly be considered “throne rooms.”