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What Killed a Monroe County Jail Inmate?

Did the supposed non-lethal taser weapon play a definitive role? We take a look at what happened to an inmate in November, what legal actions could come from that incident, and address the questions surrounding taser weapons that are becoming very popular with police forces around the country. They are linked with the deaths of numerous people around the country—although there has never been a direct correlation pinning a killing on the weapon. At the height of the mystery surrounding the Monroe County inmate death, the Bedford Police Department is implementing the taser weapon. Related links:

Hurting a Not-for-Profit or Restraint of Trade?

Bloomington Hospital is fighting a “specialty hospital” expansion. We examine the reasons why as the sides give their arguments before the Bloomington City Council this month. Related link:

Conversation: Ken Bode

In the midst of a huge month of primaries, former CNN, NBC and PBS political commentator Ken Bode (now Distinguished Professor of Journalism at DePauw University) speaks about the Democratic race for the presidential nomination, and the race against George W. Bush. Related links: